England intends to discuss the human rights situation in Qatar following the World Cup qualification.

England's players have not turned a blind eye to the human rights situation in Qatar, but they will not have a formal discussion about it until they have qualified for the World Cup.

Concerns about the treatment of migrant workers in Qatar have prompted varying degrees of protest from national teams from Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, and other countries.

While some England players have taken high-profile stances on social issues, defender Conor Coady said the team's top priority right now is making it to next year's finals.

Group I leaders England, who face minnows San Marino on Monday, can do so with at least a point, and a group discussion could take place soon after.

"A conversation hasn't yet taken place because we've always said – obviously, there's a lot in the news right now – that we make sure we do our job first," Coady told reporters.

"We'll try to get to the competition as soon as possible, and I'm sure we'll have a conversation with the players.

"One incredible thing about this England squad is that everyone is constantly striving to make a difference. People are attempting to make use of that platform.

"If there is any way for players to help in the future and in various situations, I am confident that we as players and members of the England setup will try to do so.

"It's difficult to talk about it right now because it's so sensitive.

"At the moment, it's difficult to speak about it because we haven't had a real conversation about it."

"We are not robots; we are humans, and we see things in the news on a daily basis." But, over the last year, we've told ourselves that the most important thing is to get to where we want to go, which is to Qatar, and to speak openly about the situation when the time is right."