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123Live MY is a website that allows others to watch free HD online Live Football Streaming, Live Football TV, Live Soccer TV, football live scores, results & fixtures for all major football leagues & matches include UEFA European Championship Champion League, Premier League, Europa League, FIFA World Cup, and more.

The Latest Football Live Stream TV - 123Live MY

123Live MY is the latest live football TV that provides a channel to watch full HD online football matches for free in Malaysia. Moreover, 123Live MY offers you the best live football TV experiences. You can watch the latest football matches on 123 Live MY.

Football is the most popular, watched and favourite sport all over the world, and it is also known as the king of the sport, a.k.a “king sport”. Football highly required teamwork and coordination among the team players.

The demand for online football live TV is getting higher and higher. A lot of people like to watch online football live instead of watching football on television. In today's society, most people find it difficult to spare their time to visit the live physical stadium to support their favourite football team. One of the reasons is the different time zones. Most of the major football tournament matches are at midnight in Malaysia. Therefore, online football live stream TV plays an important role. Nowadays, the majority of live sports stream tv channels require you to pay or buy in order to watch live sports events such as Astro. In order to satisfy the football fans, we came up with the best online free live football tv streaming website, 123Live MY.

Watch the FREE Online Live Football TV on 123Live MY

The offers a lot of popular football league matches and tournaments like Premier League, Copa America, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, EFL League, AFC Asian Cup, FIFA World Cup, UEFA EURO 2020-2021, LaLiga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, League fa cup and more to come. You can always visit our broadcast schedule to check your favourite football tournament or event. 123Live MY is one of the channels that can allow you to watch your favourite live football match at zero cost.

Why You Should Watch Live Football TV on 123Live MY?

Live Football TV - 123Live MY is Free of Charge (FOC)

123Live MY is free. You can watch any live stream English football league games at any time. With 123Live MY website, you no need to pay any cost to watch a game through any TV box or pay for the ticket to the stadium. Our helps you to save those costs and allow you to watch all your favourite football matches or tournaments free with no limits.

Our Live Streaming Channel is Easy to Access

One of the benefits of watching the sport live stream on 123Live MY is that it is easy to access. Our site allows the user to watch their favourite live stream football matches anywhere at any time. In addition, you just need to have an internet connection and you can easily access our TV channel using any device type including mobile, tablet, laptop, and more.

No Login Required on 123Live MY

Most of the online free live football tv sites require you to register and login in order to watch the sports games. However, does not require the user to sign up or log in. You can visit our site and watch the football live stream at any time. 123Live MY live football tv site try to provide the best user experience.

123Live MY TV Channel is Easy to Use

It is not necessary for you to be a computer expert in order to stream a football match on Even if this is your first time using a computer and the internet, you can access it easily with a few simple clicks then you can start enjoying your favourite game. All you have to do is visit our website then click on one of the football matches that you wanted to watch.

Different Type of Live Stream Football Leagues to Watch Online

Our 123Live MY TV channel offers a lot of different types of live football live broadcasts to watch online including big tournaments, small events and more. Here is some examples of the live football leagues that we provide to our users to watch online such as Premier League, Copa America, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, EFL League, AFC Asian Cup, FIFA World Cup, UEFA EURO 2020-2021, LaLiga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and etc. Don’t miss out on any exciting upcoming football tournament on our broadcast schedule.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is Football Live Stream?

Live football TV stream is a free online football video live website established for the convenience of football fans, such as Serie A fans, Premier League fans, La Liga fans, Real Madrid fans, Barcelona fans, Inter Milan fans, AC Milan fans, etc. Online live football stream websites usually provide services such as World Cup live broadcast, football live broadcast, Premier League live broadcast, Serie A live broadcast, La Liga live broadcast, and more.

Why should I watch sports?

Watching Sports matches is good for one's health. Furthermore, several studies show that being a sports fan might improve your mental, social, and physical health. According to studies, sports enthusiasts, for example, are less lonely and have higher self-esteem than non-sports fans.

Where can I stream football games for free?

You can stream any live football games on 123Live MY and it is free. Moreover, you can watch the football live stream tv on your phone, desktop, laptop, or tablet anywhere at any time.